Structure of the program

Most of the PROUD Ropes course programs have set and proven structure.


1. Icebreakers

We have a few sites suitable for the initiative games, good for creating the right atmosphere, getting to know each other and body-stretching at the same time.


2. The low ropes course

These are elements only 1 meter above the ground where you can train passing obstacles awaiting you later a few meters higher. There are also team low elements as a part of the area, where you will need help of your friend or partner.


3. Training wall

Before approaching the wall, you will take on special full body harnesses. The wall is used as a trainer. You will learn the right belay technique and during the further program you will be able to belay each other. You learn new skills being trained by our experienced instructors.


4. High ropes course

There are 10 individual elements (climbers climb on their own) awaiting you and 5 team elements. The team elements are on purpose constructed so that one person can not manage them on his/her own, however two people need to cooperate, communicate and trust each other.


5. Challenge tower

The 12 meters high tower with a platform. There is a climbing wall and few more unusual vertical elements. You can try “Belmondo’s rope-ladder”, totem, flying wall, “cargo net” or some other leading to the top. There is 9 meter-high climbing wall from the front side of the tower


6. Flying fox

Our Flying fox is 80 meters long, it starts on the platform at 12 meters height and can become a great challenge for you. You won’t forget starting few meters of your flight for a long time.



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